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We hope to strengthen the agricultural industries of Asia.

We believe that Japan can lead other Asian countries.
・Agriculture in Asia is not a mature industry.
・We believe that a strong farmer-business presence is necessary.
・For example, in Japan there are many small businesses in the farming sector and the average revenue for each small business is 3.4million JPY(34,000USD). We feel that the farming sector has enough potential for the average revenue to be about 100million JPY(1million USD)
・Currently the Japanese and other Asian agricultural industries are closed industries that lack dynamism. But the industry has much potential for dynamism and growth. Other industries are increasingly interested in and therefore hoping to enter the farming sector. This is optimal time for unlocking the potential of the Japanese and other Asian agricultural industries and bring about a change in paradigm.
・We believe it is our role to connect the farming industry with other business sectors.
・But first we must educate and equip farmers with adequate business knowledge, skills and values for them to be able to participate on the global stage.

January 2016
President and Director

Our Values

1.OUR HOPE: Pursue human happiness through Agriculture and Food Industry.
2.OUR GOAL: “Agri–Food” to be a basis of sustainable human living.
3.OUR RESPONSIBILITY: Lead & Support the Japanese Agricultural Business to pursue more sustainable food culture.
4.OUR MISSION: Connect values of the “Agri-Food” Entrepreneurs to create new values in agriculture & food fields.
5.OUR WORK: Provide innovative opportunities for competitive Agriculture.

Company Profile

Company Name
(Trading Name)
Headquarters 4F Shimbashi-Ekimae Bldg Ichi-Gou Kan,
2-20-15 Shimbashi Minato-ku,
Tokyo 105-0004, Japan
President and
Established March, 2013
Business 1, Consulting
2, Recruitment Event Organization
3, Wholesale
4, Media

Description of Our Business

Consulting Group

Corporate Strategy Building
Business Assessment & Transaction
Agricultural M&A Strategy Building
Building a Strategic Structure Sales Support
Support for T]he Government Founding
Human Resources Management
International International Strategy Building

AGRIC(Recruiting Event) GROUP

To organize the AGRIC event.
To support the clients' recruiting.


To connect agricultural products in the world.
To grow agricultural products, produce areas and the farmers.


To create our media site “Agri-Food”.
To have interviews with achievers or valuable person for “Agri-Food” readers.

Examples of Our Works

  • Consulting for one of Japanese company.
  • To research for the some fruit market in the world.
  • To make the fruits prediction by 2050.
  • They chose Thailand market.
  • Building their Strategy for Thiland.
  • They have decided to enter that market.
  • Consulting for one of Japanese company.
  • We provide some business models to use
    their vacant land in West Australia.(2000ha)
  • To research for their environment and
    suitable crops.
  • To design their Agri-business models.
  • To organize the Japanese agricultural
    products match-making event in Singapore.
  • To have the seminar before the event for farmers in Japan.
  • To support for their business making.
  • To have our tour of inspection for Japanese farmers in Singapore.

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